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Perfection 4990, V700, V750 Pro - Troubleshooting scanning larger film with the film area guide


  • Epson Perfection scanner range - suitable models: Perfection 4990 Photo, V700 Photo, V750 Pro.
  • Scanning large photographic film and X-ray film.


Make sure you do not block the calibration area of the film area guide (this is the cut-out, notched area). The scanner takes a reference calibration reading every time a preview or scan is performed so it must not be blocked or covered by any part of the film.

If this area is blocked, the resulting scanned image may have lines through it and be dark and underexposed or light and overexposed.

When scanning large X-rays or any film larger than 8" x 10", it may be necessary to scan the film as two or more images so that the white calibration area does not get covered by the film. If you can place the film slightly lower than the calibration area and do not mind a slight crop of the image then you should be able to scan it as one image.

For this task, only Epson scanners with a readable area of 8" x 10" are suitable and the supplied film area guide should be used to properly mask off the allowable film scan area. Suitable scanners include the Perfection 4990, V700, and V750 Pro.

For proper or complete scans as only one image, we recommend that a larger film scanner is used. The Expression 1600/1680 Series, whilst classed as A4 scanners, do not have this issue when using the same size film/X-rays because the Transparency Unit (TPU) supports 11" x 8.5" film scans. Also, the calibration reading area for film is above the document bed area and is less susceptible to this issue. If transitioning from the Expression Series to the Perfection Series, it is highly recommended that you carefully read the film scanning sections in the scanner's User Guide.

Refer to the image below for an example of the film area guide. This shows the proper placement of a panoramic dental X-ray.

Proper film placement - does not cover notched 'cut out' area:

The image below shows the film area guide for the Perfection 4990, V700, and V750 Pro scanners with incorrect film placement. Every time a film scan or preview is initiated, the scanner will perform an incorrect white calibration reading which causes scanned images to look "washed out" or display lines.

Improper film placement - the film should not cover/block the notched 'cut out' area:

The image below is an example of the final scan when the film is not correctly placed on the bed. The film was placed in the area where the scanner takes a white calibration reading. Note the very light "washed out" areas and lines throughout the scan.

Washed out, lined scan as a result of incorrect film placement:

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