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Large Format Printers - What does the Epson LFP Remote Panel utility do?

The Epson LFP Remote Panel application is a utility that allows you to:

  • Update printer or network interface firmware.
  • Perform print head nozzle checks.
  • Perform print head alignments automatically or manually.
  • Print or display printer's status sheet, printed jobs log, and custom media list.
  • Make custom paper settings.
  • Perform power cleans to recover from serious clogged nozzles.
  • Synchronize the printers' internal clock to your computer.
  • Set media counter settings.
  • Make paper feed adjustment
  • Monitor in real time the printer status and record the print job history.

You can download the Epson LFP Remote Panel software from the Epson website.

Caution Icon Caution:

The firmware update procedure must be followed exactly, otherwise you may corrupt the firmware update and seriously damage your product.

  • Neither EPSON nor its affiliates will take any responsibility for any damages that result from a firmware update. Your use of this document and any related firmware file(s) is at your own risk. Any resulting repair will NOT be covered by your warranty.

Supported Models

Stylus Pro Series: Pro 3800, Pro 3880, Pro 4400, Pro 4450, Pro 4800, Pro 4880, Pro 4900, Pro 7400, Pro 7450, Pro 7700, Pro 7800, Pro 7880, Pro 7900, Pro 9400, Pro 9450, Pro 9700, Pro 9800, Pro 9880, Pro 9900, Pro 11880, Pro GS6000, 
SureColor F Series: SC-F2000 (4C), SC-F2000 (5C), SC-F6000, SC-F6200 (HDK), SC-F6200 (NK), SC-F7000, SC-F7100, SC-F7200 (HDK), SC-F7200 (NK), SC-F9200 (HDK), SC-F9200 (NK)
SureColor P Series: SC-P6000, SC-P7000, SC-P7000V, SC-P8000, SC-P9000, SC-P9000V
SureColor S Series: SC-S30600, SC-S50600 (4C), SC-S50600 (5C), SC-S70600 (8C), SC-S70600 (10C)
SureColor T Series: SC-T3000, SC-T3200, SC-T5000, SC-T5200, SC-T5200D, SC-T7000, SC-T7200, SC-T7200D

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